Mechanical Projects

 We provide the following services for mechanical projects:


- We offer design drawings according to International Standards for commercial residential industrial buildings:

 Heating systems:
- Under floor heating system.
- Radiators System.

Solar energy system:
- For supporting the heating system.
- Water heating.

Conditioning systems:
- Mini Split System.
- Ducted Split System.
- Package System.
- (MDS, VRV) System.
- Chilled water System

Ventilation systems.

Steam system.

Compressed air system.

Plumbing :
Fire fighting
Water Supply:

-Cold water.          
- Hot water.
- Pure water.  
- Drinking water

Tender book
- Project tender book (technical specifications and bill of quantities).
- Project Estimated cost.


- Technical and financial offer for all deliveries and labors.
- Shop drawings.
- Suppliers contract.
- Labors contract and sub contractors.
- Project follow up.
- Quantities survey sheets.
- Suppliers and sub-contractors monthly statements.
- As built drawings.

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