Permanent ice rinks

  • Professional ice hockey arenas, parking grounds or sport fields, hotels, shopping malls and amusement parks.
  • Ice business is meanwhile world-wide considered as specialist for ideal solutions in the permanent ice rink sector.
  • Our rinks can be opened the whole year through for skaters, for example in a shopping mall, but they can also be used for many different sporting activities according to the wishes of our customers, you have all possibilities of recreational activities with this type of rink.
  • Very short installation and dismantling time, 
  • Our customers have the possibility to considerably minimize the heating costs.
  • You can organize for example events and exhibitions, but also play all kind of summer sports on the piste

Ten questions about ice rinks:

1 - What is the least possible area for ice rink?
It can begin from 100m²

2 - Is the consumption electric for the ice rink big?
The ice rink consumes a large quantity of electric capacity just in the first operate, and the refrigerator equipments work depending on outside temperature with these capacities:
- 25% when the outside temperature less than 15◦c
- 50% when the outside temperature less than 20◦c-
- 75% when the outside temperature less than 30◦c-
- 100% when the outside temperature above 30◦c-

3 - Is the equipment of making ice need to large spaces?
the needed spaces for the equipment of making ice is compatible with the space of ice rink , in addition to the maximum needed spaces for the equipment is 5% from the space of ice rink .

4 - What is the number of people who can use the ice rink?
The number of people depending on the area of the ice rink, (3 - 4) m² per person.

5 - Do we need to special water for making  ice?
We can use the normal pure water for making ice.

6 - Do we need to a special conditioning for the ice rink?
The large spaces needed for a special study, but when area small enough routine conditioning.

7 - Do we need to specialist workers to supervision and operating the ice rink?
The company training the workers on operating the equipments of the ice rink   

8 - Can we operate and switch off the ice rink daily or weekly?
It is impossible because there operate is needing to a long time and a large quantity of electric energy.

9- What will happen to the ice rink if the electric current is switching off?
In the closed hall the rink can protect the ice for (6 – 8) hours, and when the electric current operates, the rink needs 3 hours to back to the work.

10 – What are the economic proceeds of the ice rink?
The ice rink has good economic proceeds by these ways:

  • rent the ice rink at all time                                                                           
  • organize events and exhibitions 
  • give training to the children at the whole year.
  • The benefit from the land and the wall of ice rink in the advertisements.


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