The most important fields of control

  • Heating and air conditioning :  the system controls the equipments of heating and air conditioning (Chiller , Boiler , AHU ) and links it basically with parameters of heat and moisture commensurate with those parameters and showing it on the computer screen
  • Lightning:  the system depends on external and internal level lighting, operation and switch off lighting as those values and as a special time.
  • In the field of fuel tanks and water :
    The system monitors the amount of liquids (fuel, water. Sewage water) and control all the building pumps and showing the daily consumption and the operation of those tanks and pumps.
  • In the field of electric power generators :
    The system is providing energy consumption by the presence of workers as unnecessary for the operation of generators in the absence and no need to drive the maximum if there is no consumption compatible with this energy
  • Control operating and switching on/off any equipments temporarily and timetable depending on the entry and exit of workers in the building.
  • Elevators.
  • Fire Alarm system.

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