The most important advantages of our BMS:


  • Great flexibility and viability of the expansion reaches more than 4 thousand physical points control.
  • The possibility of adding any number of points required after the program design whatever different kind to any panel without having to change the specifications of the Central Station
  • Possibility of control any point in 5000 meter radius.
  • Possibility of dealing with the Central Station by Internet to change parameters  , maintenance  and development.
  • System (DATA MANAGER ) is presented to send the reports by fax, sms ,and internet
  • The station  supported by program (COSMOWEB)


  • System is provided by (Touch Screen )TUP it can put in any place to control the system and showing completely all data and drawing or Lcd
  • The possibility of linking the number of entrances digital modules and representative of up to 198 per
    station and it can be linked more than one station on one program.

  •  All the required accessories for the BMS system are available from our company , no need to contact any other suppliers.

  • Maintain confidentiality of the program through a special several -entry levels of the program and passwords and send error messages via E-mail fax and mobile phone network to responsible peoples.
  • Communicate with any other equipments (Chillers , production machines , the fire warning systems) through global communication protocol BACNET- LON- MODBUS- M BUS – EIB.

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