The control system depends basically on sensors which send the signs from the system to the central control station.
The sensors have a high quality and accurate so we can get a good result from the control system

The product groups of sensors:

    • Temperature sensors and temperature controllers and thermostats
    • Humidity sensors and humidity controllers and thermostats
    • Pressure sensors 
  • Light intensity sensors 
  • Air quality and flow sensors 
  • Compatible radio sensors

The benefits of sensor:
  • The product-overlapping patented design of our enclosure series facilitates the installation and handling of our devices while allowing for a most harmonic and homogenous appearance of sensor.
  • The same applies to several sensor versions fitting in well with current panel switch programmes
  • Simple installation at representative measuring points 
  • Our production is based on creative developers and motivated employees for which we provide in-house education and advanced vocational training industry and optimise our products in close cooperation with our customers. 
  • Our development and production is certified, adding to this are further quality seals, accreditations, and licences according to applicable electro and installation-technical standards as well as regional standards. 
  • In addition to our standard series, upon request we also supply you with specially designed models in small quantities as well as with customised logos on products                           
  • Our sensors and control devices are excellently suited for all systems.

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