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Climatech Company:

Is an Electro Mechanical Engineering Company was established in 2000 as Electro Mechanical Designer and General Contractor?
Specialized in the fields of:

1- Heating and Air conditioning
2- Building Management Systems and DDC Controls
3- Power distribution - interior and exterior lighting
4- Plumbing.
5- Permanent and mobile ice rink

Climatech Company have a long experience in designing and executing Electro Mechanical projects, it provides the customers by all new designs and researches that reliant on last scientific development by making comprehensive study , supervision ,  maintenance and execution of  the projects depending on technicals and experts who have a good experience and high skills in this field  
We cooperate with many local and international companies witch provide us with a high quality equipments and expertise.
Our extensive experience in this field enables us to choose the best in systems kind and high quality of substances and equipments which used in the execution at great prices.

The most important of these company’s:

- Pluth/ Does.AG German Company specialized in design control projects of lighting conditioning and Plumbing by computer.
- Ice Business AG German Company specialized in projects of refrigeration (industrial refrigerator, ice rink, and machines of making ice).
- Devatic French Company specialized in humidifiers of vapour
- Al Maleh Group - (Mc.Quay, climavenita)
- Triangle Company - (train)
-  Techno Therm - (Technopex)

Our Mission:

We are planning for a long term relationship with our customers depending on the following points:
1 – Selecting the most suitable systems for the building usage.
2 - Selecting the suitable equipments depending on experience of technician and labor at ideal prices.
3 – Continuously follow up for the execution of projects, and all details.
4- Following up the latest developments and modern technology.  

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Address:Damascus - Syria

Telephone: +963 11 3719082

FAX: +963 11 3737948

P.O.Box : 6655

E-mail: info@clima-sy.com